Star Trek Fanfiction

Data: Sir, I’m picking up a numeric value from the life form.

Picard: Is it less than zero?

Data: Negative.

Picard: Right, and is it?

Data: Negative.

Picard: That’s what I said.

Data: The number is not negative, sir.

Picard: Positive?

Data: Negative.

Picard: So it might be negative?

Data: Negative.

Picard: Yes, could it be?

Data: There’s no way it’s negative sir.

Picard: So, is it positive?

Data: Negative.

Picard: You just said it wasn’t.

Data: It isn’t.

Picard: It isn’t what? Positive or negative?

Data: Affirmative.

Picard: You’re making zero sense.

Data: No, captain, I’m sensing zero.

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