Here are some interesting things that you might not know:

  • Have you ever wondered why French people are called frogs? It is because they are amphibians.
  • The first vacuum cleaners were used to remove all the æther between the planets that was mucking up space. That’s how they got their name. Once space was clean, they were repurposed to clean carpets.
  • The original dictionaries were schools run by eagles in their nests, where they taught young eagles to speak clearly. These “diction aeries” were common until a spider monster named Webster destroyed the eagles and made a book version of their learning.
  • There is a common myth that fresh spring water is so named because using a spring to launch a bucket of water into the air faster than the speed of dirt will make the water fresh. This is not true; rather, it merely means that due to their weight, water buckets should be launched into the air with a fresh spring, and not an old rusty one.
  • Ireland was originally a theme park about ire. But after dealing with all the irate customers, they rebranded it as a country instead.
  • Geese are actually ducks with exoskeletons made from feathers. Ducks use these exoskeletons as armor in their eternal war with the swans.
  • Ever wonder why romance novels always have pictures of a guy missing his shirt? Back in Roman times, romance novels were scary stories about ants that lived in Rome. These “Rome ants” would scurry into unsuspecting Roman men’s shirts, and they would remove them to get at the ants.
  • A frequent misconception one often hears is that Icarus had wings held together by wax until he flew too close to the sun and fell. This is actually just a myth.

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